Monsta X

Often referred to as the best thing to spring from the year 2015, Monsta X tickets will be in high-demand after the band's MNET music awards success. We have tickets for fan meeting events across the Far-East. So whether you are buying or selling Monsta X tickets make sure you do so quickly! 

The Next Generation Asian Artists

The group sprung from the television programme No Mercy, as the public took a real liking to the seven-man group. After a succession of photo shoots for magazines, Monsta X soon had endorsement deal offers before they even made their debut in May 2015. Their debut music video "Trespass" was widely successful and the group quickly released "Rush" only a few weeks later. After performing these tracks on the red carpet, Monsta X received the coveted 'Next Generation Artist' award. 

Their third mini-album The Clan Part. 1 'LOST' delivered an incredible moment for the band as it surpassed 1 million views on Youtube in 24 hours! This was only the start as Monsta Xs music began to grow in popularity and all seats for the band's first live concert were sold in 5 minutes!

Now, they have a new album titled The Clan 2.5 Pt 2 'GUILTY' alongside huge new hit "Fighter" with an accompanying music video. With Monsta X's phenomenon spreading far from their Seoul origins to Japan, Singapore and all over the far-east, make sure you purchase your tickets quickly!


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Upcoming international events

This ticket is valid for May 19, 20 and 21.
Line up: Junho (from 2PM), ASTRO, MONSTA X, Apink, BTOB, Block B, Pentagon... and more!
From USD392.76 €361.26 There are 30 tickets left
From USD392.76 There are 30 tickets left
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Line up: CNBlue, GOT7, MONSTA X, Apink, Lovelyz... and more!
Meet & Greet: MONSTA X, Apink and CNBlue
From USD186.05 €171.13 There are 47 tickets left
From USD186.05 There are 47 tickets left
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