Monster Jam

Excitement doesn’t quite cut it, here in the Ticketbis offices! Imagine a truck.. Now imagine it bigger.. In fact imagine it huge, monster-size to be more precise! Okay, now imagine those humongous behemoths crashing and crushing things! Yes, Ticketbis are finally offering Monster Jam tickets, meaning you can reach that inner (destruction loving) child and experience some of the most exciting monster truck madness you’re sure to experience! So don’t waste a second more, and buy your Monster Jam tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

Consisting of all sorts of monster truck antics like the above, the Monster Jam stands as one of the most exciting ways to spend an evening, especially if you’ve got a little boy! To be honest, we at Ticketbis believe that any one of any age can find entertainment in this monster event! Seriously we can’t iterate this enough it’s a night full of Monster Trucks! With the trucks reaching four meters in height, that’s just over thirteen feet for those imperials among us, and weighing around five tons each! There’s no doubt they deserve the titles of Monster, and considering how they’re designed it’s only ever more enforced! With the Monster Jam still standing as competition, fans will get the chance to witness such trucks as Iron Warrior, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt, Wolverine, Captain USA, Zombie among many others, as they take part in a Freestyle event crushing and jumping objects! That’s right you can watch a thirteen foot truck jump stuff!! Taking place on a specially built course, the main objective of each car is to ultimately, ENTERTAIN THE MASSES, that means you! Points are of course, awarded for wheelies, sky wheelies (that’s when the truck ends up standing completely vertical, the amount of obstacles hit (obstacles being cars, busses, caravans, everything but Godzilla), alongside various other stunts! And yes, there are even extra points for surprising the judges, who by now must be complacent in their judgement of day-to-day carnage! But they better not roll the trucks over, or ever reverse it as judges don’t like that at all, and driver’s are certain to feel their wrath reflect in the points! As far from dancing with the stars as it gets, this is your chance to experience a truly exciting sport, filled with crashes, bangs, explosions and, of course, MONSTER TRUCKS! So don’t waste a second more and buy your Monster Jam tickets!

Entertaining a massive four million fans every year, having taken place in over one hundred and twenty-five different places, it’s hard to argue that the influence and appeal of Monster Jam is as widespread as it is! So if everyone else is going why should you miss out on these amazing events! Grab those all important Monster Jam tickets now, and get ready for an experience you’re surely going to remember for the rest of your life, because let’s face it doesn’t matter how old you are, watching massive machines crash and smash their way to victory is as fun as it gets!


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