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Get ready for one of the fastest sports on earth and experience MotoGP at Philip Island Circuit in Victoria. Buy your MotoGP tickets right here on Ticketbis!

Starting way back in 1949, Motor Grand Prix has gone through a couple of changes in recent years that have made it faster and more exciting. In 2012 the maximum engine capacity was raised to a massive 1000cc – and it paid off. During the 2014 Italian Grand Prix Andrea Iannone broke the high speed record, reaching 217.2mph.

High velocity, highly dangerous and highly exciting! Yes, here at Ticketbis we aim to provide you with the best tickets to cater to all yourMotoGP needs. As you may be aware MotoGP raised the engine capacities up to 1,000cc, with Moto2 set to 600cc and Moto3 set to 250cc, making for an even more entertaining spectacle, as faster is always better!

It isn´t just speed that makes MotoGP one of the world´s most exciting sports. Improvements in technology have meant that the lean angle of the bikes has been reduced to a tiny 64° - that´s at least 24° lower than an average road motorcycle, which may not sound so much, but when you factor in the speeds these racers are hitting, getting so close to the ground is a truly harrowing thought!

There´s nothing more intense or exhilarating than MotoGP and if you´re of the petrol head variety then this event is not to be missed. For some people, Moto2 or Moto3 is enough. If you like maximum speed then you need to be at Philip Island Circuit, where you’ll be privy to some of the finest races in the world! One of Honda’s most recent developments include the Seamless-Shift Gearbox, in which a new gear engages BEFORE the previous gear disengages, while the differences in time may not appear so significant (losing about a tenth of a second), in endurance racing of 50 to 60 laps,  a tenth of a second makes all the difference!

So if you love the thrill of racing then you´ll love MotoGP. Get your MotoGP tickets now – if you blink, you´ll miss it!


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