One of the world’s most influential rock bands are back with their new album Drones. Their first full-length record since The 2nd Law, Drones is a conceptual piece that explores humanity’s ‘loss of hope’ to their indoctrination by the system’. The British rock band’s new release includes singles "Psycho" and "Dead Inside", songs that Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone magazine that should "remind ourselves of just the basics of who we are". They will be following the record’s release with numerous festival appearances in Europe and Asia and a world tour. Get your Muse tickets from Ticketbis now!

The group’s last album was The 2nd Law and was well-received by both critics and fans. Bassist, Christopher Wolstenholme was quoted saying that the sixth album was something completely different to the bands' previous releases and that they had experimented with a range of music and sounds to accomplish this change in style. The album includes more of an electronic and dubstep element to it, with Bellamy mentioning that Skrillex was a heavy influence on the song, "Unsustainable" one of the album’s final tracks and British electronic band, Nero, even produced the track "Follow Me" on the album. If you are an avid Muse fan, you are not going to miss out on seeing them live! Get your Muse tickets before it is too late!

Muse received critical acclaim since their most well-known album, Black Holes and Revelations, was released in 2006. The album allowed the band to finish in third place in the NME Awards of the Year List in the same year it was released. It was also nominated for a Mercury Prize. The band has been praised for their fusion of different musical genres and eccentric style. The band has been known to put on quite a show at their concerts, so be sure to get your Muse tickets 2016 so you can be part of the excitement too.

The rock band has released seven studio albums in total, Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, The Resistance, The 2nd Law and their most recent, Drones. Muse has won numerous awards for their contribution to music, including Best Rock Album, for The Resistance. They have also won five MTV Europe Music Awards, eight NME Awards, six Q Awards and two Brit Awards. The band has achieved a wealth of success since their formation, particularly after their fourth studio album. If you want to experience this great album live, make sure you get your Muse tickets!

Lauded by many as this generation’s answer to Mozart or Beethoven, these are big claims for an English rock band hailing from Devon. Of course, the genius alt-rock band Muse is more than capable of rising to the title. Which is exactly why, we at Ticketbis are ecstatic at the prospect of having Muse tickets for your pleasure!

The story of Muse is an interesting one with the band proving that evolution is the primary key to success! The three piece band consisting of frontman/songwriter Matthew Bellamy, bassist/backing vocalist/keyboardist Christopher Wolstenholme and drummer/percussionist Dominic Howard started the band as school friends! With the band going through a number of different band names throughout their infancy, one particular name “Rocket Baby Dolls” proved especially memorable with a battle-of-the-bands contest occurring where the band expected to lose, and in response chose to destroy the set with a very aggressive performance, thus resulting in their win of the competition! Upon taking themselves more seriously the band changed its name to Muse, with the band stating that the name was short and looked good on a poster.

After years spent building up a fan base, the band soon found themselves in Cornwall, creating their first EP, Muse EP with Sawmill Studio’s in-house label Dangerous (the studio can lay claim to being used by famous English indie rock stars such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, Robert Plant and The Verve to name a few). Their second EP, Muscle Museum EP became critically successful reaching number three in the indie singles chart and attracted the attention of BBC’s Radio 1 and British NME magazine! Despite the attention, Muse still found it difficult for an English label to sign them and so flew to the U.S. in hopes of better luck. The trip proved successful with the band signing with Maverick Records. Muse then found it easier to be signed throughout the UK and much of Europe, and so recording for their debut album Showbiz soon followed!

Showbiz showcased Muse’s aggression and featured many songs which Bellamy had created prior to working within the studio. The band picked songs which were deemed more conventional and straightforward. The album was mostly well received by critics with many seeing their potential, while others quickly dismissed them due to their similarities to Radiohead. The album however has recently seen a cult following with an MSN poll, in two thousand and nine placed the album in the top “20 British albums of the last 20 years”. Their second album Origin of Symmetry saw the band experiment further with successful results! The album produced such hits as “Plug in Baby” and “Feeling Good” both of which became songs that have remained within the public’s subconscious. Experimentation of the album included the use of a pipe organ, a balaphone and even animal bones! The album has since then been described as the pin point of Muse’s career and musical direction, with their influence of classical music becoming more apparent than in previous ventures. So remember if you want to witness this epic band in person, get your Muse tickets now!

Third album, Absolution released in two thousand and three, with band once again breaking new ground and accumulating even more fans! “Absolution” explored an even darker and heavier tone than Muse’s previous albums and was voted by Kerrang! As the second best album of the twenty-first century! Bellamy himself reported that the beginning of the Iraq War had an effect on the songwriting for the album. The release of albums Black Holes and Revelations, The Resistance and The 2nd Law have all since evolved in this fashion, with Muse now one of the biggest rock bands to grace this Earth! So spare not a moment longer, buy your Muse tickets now, and lay witness to an excellent excuse to experience the transcendental, only here at Ticketbis!


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