A non-verbal comedy set entirely in a kitchen may sound limited but with NANTA tickets you'll discover South Korean culture through hilarious scenes of a chaotic wedding banquet preparation. Tickets to see this unique performance are available for events starting Friday 4th November culminating on Christmas Day. All tickets are for live showings in Bangkok's Nanta Theatre.

A Show Like No Other

Samul Nori music may be both traditional and popular but rarely is it performed with such improvisation. Performers use cuttings boards, kitchen knives, water canisters and other kitchen utensils to create a truly authentic show The chaotic kitchen display also involves acrobatics, magic tricks, and pantomime-esq audience participation.

The theatre production tells the story of three chefs desperately attempting to finish preparations for a wedding banquet with a very strict time limit. To add to their troubles, the manager employs his incompetent nephew among the kitchen team.

NANTA has proved a huge global hit since its inception in 1997. The live show even enjoyed huge success when faced with stiff competition in the beating heart of New York City (home to famous broadway shows). If you want to discover the originality of this show and see what all the fuss is about, make sure you buy NANTA tickets from Ticketbis.


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Hongdae Nanta Theater, Seoul, South Korea
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From USD18.73 There are 50 tickets left
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