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The NBA was founded in the late forties in New York City, New York, and has since grown to contain thirty franchise teams and is regarded by many as the top men’s professional basketball league in the world. The current thirty teams participating include twenty-nine USA teams and one Canadian team, known as the Toronto Raptors. These teams are divided into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, each containing three divisions with five teams in each. The Eastern Conference is comprised of the Atlantic Division, the Central Division and the Southeast Division, while the Western Conference includes the Northwest Division, the Pacific Division and the Southwest Division. Only the top eight teams with the best records in each conference secure a spot in the NBA playoffs, where they then compete within their corresponding conference for the Conference Title. The two best teams of each Conference compete in the NBA Final to be named NBA Champions of the season. Be there with your favorite team this season by purchasing your tickets for NBA games and witnessing the best and worst moments that make you team who they are. Will they make it to the playoffs this time around? See for yourself and buy your tickets today!

The first ever NBA basketball game was played by the New York Knickerbockers, popularly known as the New York Knicks, and the Toronto Huskies in Canada. The first ever basket made in an NBA game was made by Knickerbockers player Ossie Schectman. In NBA history, there have been many teams to come and leave the spotlight, experiencing golden ages as well as years without success. International players have been participating in the NBA since the late eighties; the number increasing with the years as many leave their country to participate in the best teams of the USA and Canada. How will this season pan out? Which teams will be the best this time? Will there be an upset, or will the top teams remain where they are? Who will be the golden names of the NBA this 2013-2014 basketball season? Be there for the ups and downs, screaming on the edge of your seat and waiting for that most awaited sound of the net swishing through the air and the fans standing in utmost excitement. Buy NBA tickets today and get ready for a season you will never forget!

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