Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

Who doesn’t love a bit of baseball, especially when it’s of the Japanese variety! Yes, with the Nippon Professional Baseball standing as one of the most popular sports in Japan, you can now grab yourselves some NPB tickets right here on the Ticketbis webpages and experience this amazing sport in a way you’ve never experienced before! Last season we saw the Yakult Swallows claim the pennant in the Central League, while the Pacific League saw the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks take pennant, with the Japan Series seeing the Hawks finish as Japan’s yearly champions. Question is, will the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks dominate the NPB for a third year running? Find out for yourself, and grab your Nippon Professional Baseball tickets and get ready to see some of the finest home-runs Japan has to offer!

The NPB is split into two main separate leagues; the Central League and the Pacific League, with two secondary-level professional minor leagues standing as the Eastern League and the Western League. With each league consisting of six teams, teams within each league compete to earn a place within the Climax Series, a play-off series in which the top six teams (three of each league) duke it amongst their respective sides. It is finally in the Nippon Series/Japan Series, where the two remaining teams face off against each other to decide the ultimate victors!

Obviously, one can’t bring up the subject of baseball without comparing it to America’s pioneering Major League Baseball (MLB). For instance, Japanese baseball allows for ties, and since two thousand and eleven, there has been a time-limit of three and a half hours for regular season matches. There’s also the style of naming, which you may have noticed Japanese teams are more likely to be named after their sponsor than the city they’re based in, due to the sheer importance franchising has on the NPB. Despite this there is a growing trend in teams including the sponsorship and the place name, in an attempt to gain support from the franchised communities.

So if you don’t want to miss out on all the excitement that the NPB has to offer, make sure you grab yourselves some NPB tickets now, here at Ticketbis and get ready to experience some truly top notch baseball!

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