November Grand Sumo Tournament

Are you ready for the last major Sumo Tournament of 2016? This year’s official November Grand Sumo Tournament will take place at the renowned Fukuoka Kokusai Center, where Japan’s national sport will leave a fantastic and everlasting impression on the enthusiastic audience. What are you waiting for? Buy your November Grand Sumo Tournament tickets now at Ticketbis!

The professional wrestlers will have crucial 15 days to prove themselves in the ring, and see who’s the real champion. This wonderful tradition is a must for any visitor who wants to experience Japan’s real deal. Seeing as the wrestlers compete in progressing order of seniority, the excitement constantly increases, reaching the peak when the top division Makuuchi enter the ring in the fascinating Dohyo-iri ceremony.

Aside from the exciting wrestling, the tournament is filled with unique ceremonies and rituals. Make sure to bring your camera- as long as you don’t use your flash, you will be able to capture amazing pictures!

Doesn't it sound exciting? Join the high-spirited crowd and buy your November Sumo Tournament tickets right here at Ticketbis!


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