Here at Ticketbis we even offer Pitbull tickets, yes Miami’s very own Pitbull! Born Armando Christian Pérez, the name change to Pitbull came as a way to explain his struggle to make it in the Hip-Hop business explaining “they bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose.” and going on to say “They’re basically everything that I am.”. When considering his Cuban-American heritage, white with blue eyes trying to make it as a rapper, the struggle to overcome numerous obstacles suddenly becomes easily apparent.

Throughout Hip Hop’s history, many great rappers have made their names featuring interesting back stories. Will Smith was the Fresh Prince, born and raised from a middle-class Philadelphia, Eminem born from a white working-class dysfunctional family, Jay-Z grew up in the projects where he has admitted to selling drugs and being shot three times as a kid. Each of these great names wrote and rapped about their experiences and hardships, Pitbull’s own story remains just as intriguing, except Pitbull raps in Spanish, as well as English! Pitbull’s parents, both Cuban, met in a strip club in Miami where Pitbull’s mother was working. Pitbull’s father came to the states under the lull of “a booming cocaine industry”, however reality soon hit and while Pitbull was very young his parents split up. Pitbull and his mother then went from house to house, with Pitbull ending up in a foster home in rural Roswell. While the foster family were more than ready to adopt him, Pitbull stated that he never really felt like he fit in, and when his mother came to get him, they moved to Florida. Pitbull then started dealing in marijuana at the age of sixteen, unable to find any other way to support himself. His mother soon kicked him out upon hearing about his new venture, and it is here he began dealing the “harder stuff”. His decision to leave the drug dealing came when his then girlfriend, along with his two kids, Barbera Alba offered to support his Rap career if he leaves his life of crime behind him. Pitbull has been constantly working ever since! So don’t forget to buy your Pitbull tickets and witness this epic rapper in person!

One thing that escapes everyone is Pitbull’s unassuming manner, while the cliché may be to expect a rapper with a huge enterage and an even bigger ego, but what actually shines through is a professional fully aware of his ability and exactly where his priorities lay. Having made a name for himself with worldwide number one “Planet Pit”, Pitbull has featured in numerous songs including “TiK ToK”, “Scream & Shout”, “Diamonds” and “Video Phone” to name a few! His catalogue of albums has seen him releasing over seven albums, and his clear distinction of music as a business has definitely played a role in his success! So don’t miss the chance to catch this rapper live, buy your Pitbull tickets now here at ticketbis!


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