Do you want to see the world's best tennis players at one of the best tennis tournaments in the world? The French Open at Roland Garros is taking place once more, and with Ticketbis now offering Roland Garros 2018 tickets, there's really no excuse in missing out on this epic tournament! The tennis tournament will start at the end of May, so don't miss out and make sure you buy and sell your Roland Garros tickets now!

Top Games

Philippe Chatrier Court

  • Date of Construction: 1924
  • Capacity: 14,911

Originally known as Centre Court, the court's name was changed to Philippe Chatrier in 2001, honouring one of the most iconic presidents of the stadium's history. Considered the most legendary court of the French Open, this stadium is the biggest reason to buy Roland Garros tickets.

Philippe Chatrier Court Tickets

Suzanne Lenglen Court

  • Date of Construction: 1928
  • Capacity: 10,056

Roland Garros' secondary stadium was originally called "Court A". The change to "Suzanne Lenglen Court" came about in 1996 in reference to one of France's tennis legend also known as the "Great Lady". Get your Roland Garros tickets and you can be right in on the action!

Suzanne Lenglen Court Tickets

Court 1

  • Date of Construction: 1980
  • Capacity: 3,800

Also known as the "Bullring", due to its circular shape, Court No.1 is Roland Garros' third show court. In comparison to the French Open's other major courts, it is a very mordern court. So purchase those French Open tickets to experience this court in all its splendour.

Court No.1 Tickets

Don't forget you can also buy a ground pass giving you access to all of the outside courts!

Ground Pass - French Open Tickets

Roland Garros History

Standing as a staple in French tennis since 1891 the tournament, then known as the French Championships, has grown to become one of the most pivotal competitions in the world! One of the key tournaments that comprise the ever legendary Grand Slam events, don't forget to buy your French Open tickets and watch this extraordinary tournament live! The French Open as we know it really came into being during the ‘20s when they opened up the competition internationally. As for the name change, the tournament was named after World War I pilot Roland Garros, who having helped to develop the interrupter gear as well as escaping a German POW camp, was known to frequent the legendary tennis courts throughout his years in Paris.

Key Players

Because clay courts are the slowest-playing surface in tennis, games tend to last much longer. Add to this the fact that at Roland-Garros it is a best-of-five-set tournament (for men) and there are seven rounds in total, the French Open is known as the most physically-demanding tennis tournament in world tennis. Considering the unique nature of Roland Garros' surface, there's no doubt that the French Open has brought out some truly talented tennis players over the years! Below you'll see the top 5 legends to make Roland Garros theirs:

French Open Legends

  1. Rafa Nadal: 10 wins
  2. Chris Evert: 8 wins
  3. Steffi Graf: 6 wins
  4. Bjorn Borg: 6 wins
  5. Margaret Court: 5 wins
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