Roupa Nova

Are you ready to attend one of the greatest shows that Roupa Nova is likely to perform yet? Don't even answer that, of course you are! Which is exactly why, we at Ticketbis can't be more thrilled at the prospect of offering you Roupa Nova tickets. Considering that  Roupa Nova's fan following has grown over the years, there's no doubt that tickets to see Roupa Nova live have become harder and harder to find. Let's not forget with  Roupa Nova proving time and time again that talent requires both hardwork and that special something that only Roupa Nova has! So the big question really is;  What are you waiting for? Buy your  Roupa Nova tickets now, and prepare  to have the time of your life, and listen and sing along to all of Roupa Nova's best tracks live!


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Espaço das Américas, São Paulo, Brazil
14 anos
MEIA: acesso restrito a estudantes (portadores de Carteira de Estudante do Brasil), idosos, professores de escola pública e PNE.
From USD66.25 €60.94 There are 26 tickets left
From USD66.25 There are 26 tickets left
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