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Founded by the red-headed Mick Hucknall, back in the late seventies, it may surprise you to find that Hucknall’s original band was actually a punk group called The Frantic Elevators, and actually lasted for a good 7 years! Despite gaining critical acclaim for their final single, “Holding Back the Years”, the band went their separate ways (moving on to projects such as The Fall, Joy Division, The Smiths and Buzzcocks). Leaving Hucknall to fend for himself.

Enlisting a new manager and a band session musicians, the group took on the name of “Red”, Hucknall’s nickname due to his hair. However due to a misunderstanding with the venue manager, the band were accidently christened “Simply Red” on the poster, and the name simply stuck! Consisting of Hucknall on vocals, David Fryman on guitar (though he was quickly replaced by Sylvan Richardson), Tony Bowers on bass, Fritz McIntyre on keybaords, Tim Kellett on brass and Chris Joyce on drums, at the time, the band caught the attention of record label Elektra, and signed with them in 1985, releasing their debut album, Picture Book soon after! despite gaining international renown with their single “Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)”, their subsequent singles failed to garner the same amount of success, along with the album!

Fortunately, the following year a re-release and rebranding, of the track “Holding Back the Years” saw the band taking their soul-ballad style to heart, and the song proved to once again demonstrate Simply Red’s ability to produce hit making tracks!

The group enjoyed international success throughout the mid-80s before releasing their 1989 breakthrough cover hit, "If You Don't Know Me By Now." The group recorded a total of ten studio albums before lead singer Mick Hucknall announced in 2010 that Simply Red would disband. In 2014, it was announced that Simply Red would return to the studio and release a new album, before embarking on a worldwide reunion tour. Get your Simply Red tickets today!


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