Are you finding Skating tickets hard to find? Then stop your searching as you’ve just found some! Yes, Skating may not have the kind of following that sports such as football, boxing or even handball has, but that doesn’t mean it's any less impressive. There are various types of skating, the two most popular of course being roller skating and ice skating. Skating on ice in particular is something that has always drawn a strong family audience, with skating tickets for ice shows and figure skating always high in demand.

Figure skating is the oldest Olympic winter sport, having been included in the 1908 Olympics. It's also a sport that made the likes of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean household names after they won the Olympic gold in the 1980s. Anyone who has figure skating tickets for events today can expect to see innovative and exciting routines from both individuals and pairs, and if not, you're bound to find someone who'll want to see this incredible sport live.

Roller skating has a very long history, as roller skates were actually first used as early as the 1740s. Becoming really popular in the mid-1930s, roller skating's popularity continued through to the 1970s, and one major advancement around this time came in the shape of polyurethane wheels. While Scott Olson's 'Rollerblade' skates revolutionized roller skating during the late 1980s. Further developments saw Active Brake Technology, which was designed by the company Olson had set up, Rollerblade, Inc., to enhance safety. Now there are three main type of skates - quad, tri and inline. As you can guess, we at Ticketbis believe every sport has its merit, and is exactly why you can now get Skating tickets! So don’t put it off any longer, now you’ve found them, buy your Skating tickets now, and get ready to experience Skating like never before!

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