With Ticketbis now in possession of Southampton tickets, you can find a number of Southampton's important games, be it home or away. In fact with Southampton having finished last year's league in 6th position, there's alot to say for the south-side club in recent years, and there's nothing saying that Southampton doesn't have what it takes to win this year's Premier League! With their home games taking place in Southampton's St Mary's Stadium, don't miss out as the team set out to demonstrate we're in a new era of football and grab those Southampton tickets now.

While many fans may see Southampton as newcomers to top flight football, the truth is that throughout football's history, Southampton has been in and out of the top 20. One thing to keep in mind however, is that whenever Southampton has made it to the top, they've always left a lasting impression! While the team certainly proved to be the cream of the Southern League, the team have had mixed results on a national scale. While '76 proved particularly fortuitous with the team winning the FA Cup, Southampton can boast a number of trophies over the years and in 1984 the team even placed second in Division One. Since than the Saints have grown closer and closer to securing a Premier League win, and this year is looking to be no exception for the determined team!

Southampton hires manager Claude Puel

Since Ronald Koeman's move to Everton, Southampton search for a new manager left many pundits and fans speculating who the Saints would pick to replace the the successful Dutchman's place. Let's not forget it was Koeman who helped bring Southampton back into the Premier League, cultivating a number of young players that saw Southampton turn a profit unlike any other. Needless to say, Everton's offer to contract Koeman out from under Southampton may have ruffled some feathers on the south coast, but Everton's compensation of £5 million to Southampton is definitely enough to let bygones be bygones. In fact it is because of this that Southampton has managed to contract former-Nice manager, Claude Puel, who even praised the team for their financial savvy saying "They're a consistent, well-run and financially-stable club." Of course, there's little doubt that this upcoming season will be difficult, with teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United all under-going heavy reform.


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