Swan Lake

The Russian masterpiece is coming to town. Ticketbis has Swan Lake tickets for shows across Western Europe, Australia and the Russian Federation. As one of the most cherished ballets, seeing it live can easily be described as a life experience. Sellers can also use our online ticketing platform to sell any unwanted tickets. 

Culturally Magical Ballet

Originally composed by Vladimir Petrovich Beguchev in the late seventeenth century it has since been adapted time and time again. Initially two acts, the ballet was fashioned from Russian folk tales and pre-dates both the 'Sleeping Beauty and 'The Nutcracker'. When Tchaikovsky indtroduced his own entusiasm to the ballet in the nineteenth century and helped it to become one of popular ballets of all time. 

Swan Lake is the ultimate tale of womanhood. Expressing what it means to be a woman in the purest way possible. For ballerinas around the world it is a life-long dream to play the part of Odette because there is a huge amount of prestige that comes with this ballet as well as for the technical challenge of the role. The ballet is renowned for its intricate musical compositions with many labelling the performance too difficult to dance to. That all changed when Italian ballerina Pierina Legnani performed and executed thirty-two fouettes and set the bar all other aspiring ballerinas. Swan Lake has since been performed all over the world by numerous different ballet companies and is just as popular as it ever was! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see world-class ballerinas perform. Buy your tickets here and experience the magic!


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