The Prodigy

Tickets to the Prodigy are more than just a way to go see a music show -- they get you into a full scale event of epic proportions. The Prodigy puts on shows that are full of sensory experiences that envelop the audience in a wave of emotions. You're sure to leave exhausted and excited after buying tickets to the Prodigy and seeing their aggressive techno show firsthand. Tickets to the Prodigy sold out fast when they recently returned from a six-year absence and they did not disappoint. Led by rapper Maxim and co-frontman Keith Flint, the band is putting on a full frontal assault of drums and bass. Fans can expect to hear classic hits such as "Firestarter" along with new tracks that are still pushing the boundaries of dance music. Buy your Prodigy tickets today!


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A​l​l tickets are paid in EUR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Upcoming international events

NorthSide Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
Partout ticket includes access from the 9th of June until the 11th June 2017 (Whole festival) Line-up: Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Bastille, Mø, Run the Jewels, Thomas Helmig, Bisse, Liss, Phalke mm.
From USD358.83 €319.14 There are 37 tickets left
From USD358.83 There are 37 tickets left
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Stadion Miejski, Wrocław, Poland
From USD69.86 €62.13 There are +100 tickets left
From USD69.86 There are +100 tickets left
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