The ten venues of the Centennial Copa America

When you think about soccer in the Americas, it's nearly always South America that comes to mind. Now, that's hardly a huge revelation, but neither is the assertion one that can be refuted by our northern neighbors using arguments based on anything remotely to do with a ball. There's a reason they call association football 'soccer'. And it's because their version of football, as with many of the other sports they excel at, is played using the hands. That said, it's also no big secret that Americans are becoming more and more involved in soccer, either as fans or as players. The US women's team is just one example; they are the reigning world champions and they currently sit top of the FIFA rankings. Maybe this is one of the reasons why next month's Centennial Copa America will be played out in cities such as Pasadena, Seattle or Boston, and not in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or Montevideo.

For the first time in the ournament's history, and in this, its centennial year, the Copa America is moving to the USA. There are ten stadiums set to play host, and for most of them, it will be their first ever chance to see some of the world's best players weave their magic on the field. Here are the 10 stadiums for the 100 years of the Copa America.

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