Uruguay have qualified the 2014 Brazil World Cup and as a result Ticketbis are now offering Uruguay tickets! With the team having appeared in the World Cup eleven times, Uruguay certainly know their way around the World Cup fixtures, and will no doubt want to prove to the world that they are more than capable in reclaiming their football prowess! So buy your Uruguay tickets here at Ticketbis, and get ready to support one of the greatest Latin American teams to be in the World Cup!

In nineteen twenty-four, Uruguay showed their worth when they travelled to Paris to participate in the Olympic Games. The team shocked and ultimately defeated much of the competition, employing a truly different style of football compared to the muscular form of run-and-gun football played by many European teams. The style they employed involved lots of short passes, inventive ball handling and an inventive technicality that has rocketed and turned football into the beautiful sport it is today! The legendary team is also famous for beating Brazil the last time Brazil hosted, in nineteen fifty when their victory came as massive upset, as everyone involved had considered the match between Brazil and Uruguay as a simple formality to Brazil’s World Cup victory!

So buy your Uruguay tickets and watch as this team aims to reproduce the legendary results of their forefathers!


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