West Ham tickets can now be found at Ticketbis! Yes with the London team having finished in last year's season in 7th place, West Ham may not be facing relegation anytime soon, but there's little doubt that the team is desperate to rise above their competition, especially with previous giants such as Manchester United and Chelsea finishing below them! In fact, with the team having secured what is considered by some as "the deal of the century" things are certainly looking up for the London team! So if you want to see one of the Premier League's most promising teams, buy your West Ham tickets now!

West Ham 2016/2017 Season

West Ham: Premier League 2016/17 Home Games

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West Ham: Premier League 2016/17 Away Games

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West Ham's New Stadium

Regarding venues, there's little doubt that West Ham stand in an enviable position regarding their new stadium. With the Olympic Stadium having undergone stagnation since the London Olympics, a bidding war soon ensued to decide what will become of Stratford's Olympic Stadium. Having played an integral part in both the Olympics and the 2015 Rugby World Cup, you may be surprised to find that the goverment's intention was to originally dismantle the stadium, leaving just one tier to accomodate an athletics-only venue. With West Ham winning the bid to play at the Olympic Stadium for the next 99 years, the team may be underfire from critics regarding the contract, but there's little doubt that fans and the team are ecstatic with the result. As you can imagine, buying West Ham home tickets will be worth it, just to give you the chance to visit the new stadium, officially renamed to London Stadium, in all of its splendour.

Navigating London Stadium

Featuring a number of state-of-the-art features and facilities, it may be too early to see how fans will adopt the new stadium, let's have a look at the stands and what West Ham have planned for the stadium. For a point of Reference, sections 244-256 is the northern end:

  • Champions Place
    Situated on the north end of the Stadium, Champions Place is where you'll find the Champions Statue and dedications to many of West Ham's legends throughout the years alongside a chance to leave your own personal mark on the stadium.

  • East Stand
    Featuring West Ham's name and club crest across the stand, the East Stand certainly paints a striking picture.

  • South Stand
    Home to the Away Fan section, alongside the Stadium Megastore, the South Stand is certain to be worth visit regardless of where you're situated in the stadium.

  • West Stand
    Featuring West Ham's array of restaurants, bars and boxes. The suite, aptly named Club London, lets up to 3,600 visitors the chance to experience the finer points of VIP status.

How to Get to London Stadium

Officially naming itself the most accessible stadium in the UK, considering its Olympic origins, the claim isn't as farfetched as it sounds. As always it is advisable to arrive to the stadium early in order:

  • Around the City

    • Tube and Train

      By far the easiest and quickest method to reach the stadium, stands with Stratford station, situated only 11 minutes walk away from the Stadium and conveniently next to the huge Westfield Shopping Centre. Catered to by the Jubilee and Central Lines, the National Rail service, the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and the London Overground, there's ample options to get you to the station. An alternative also stands with the Stratford International station, which is catered to by the DLR and Southeastern High Speed 1 services. There is also Hackney Wick and Pudding Mill, both of which are under 20 minutes walk away (Though Pudding Mill is technically under construction and will not be active until January 2017. Keep in mind, when leaving the stadium that both Stratford and Stratford International become increasingly busy during match days, and visitors are actively advised to avoid West Ham Station when making transfers to Stratford Station, due to its busyness.

    • Bus

      Fortunately, with the Stratford City Bus Station just behind Westfield, there are a total of 25 bus services that run to and from the station. Services include the 388, that runs between Blackfriars (central London), the 308 between Clapton and Wansteat via Stratford City, the 339 running between Leytonstone and Shadwell (which stops also at Stratford City), and finally the D8 running between Crossharbour and Stratford International bus station.

      Aside these main bus services, visitors can also use the following services, all of which stop at Stratford City Bus Station:

      • 28 - Oxford Street to Ilford
      • 69 - Canning Town to Walthamstow
      • 86 - Romford to Stratford
      • 97 - Chingford to Stratford
      • 104 - Manor Park to Stratford
      • 108 - Lewisham to Stratford
      • 158 - Chingford Mount to Stratford
      • 241 - Prince Regent to Stratford
      • 262 - Becton to Stratford
      • 276 - Stoke Newington to Newham University Hospital
      • 425 - Clpaton to Stratford
      • 473 - North Woolwich to Stratford

    • There are also two 24-hour services that also run to and from Stratford:

      • N8 - Oxford Street to Hainault
      • N86 - Stratford to Harold Hill
    • Driving

      As you can imagine, being a London stadium driving to the stadium is highly discouraged, and you'll find that parking for non-residents is all but non-existant, add to that London's congestion charge and it it highly advised everywhere to use public transport. Likewise, during match days, many access roads to the stadium are closed off three hours before so if you're planning on taking a Taxi, it is advisable to arrive early.

  • Direct from the Airport

    Depending on the Airport you arrive to London in, there are numerous options in getting to the stadium. Of course, some airports are better than others in regards to travel. By far the best airport to go directly to London Stadium is with London City Airport, with a direct line to the stadium. However due to the single runway, you'll be hard pushed in finding a suitable flight, as such both Heathrow and Gatwick airports are the most reasonable options for travel:

    • Travelling from Heathrow Airport

      Take the Picadilly line to King's Cross St Pancras, then walk 5 minutes to St Pancras International, take the Southeastern service to Stratford International, where you can walk to the stadium from there.

    • Travelling from Gatwick Airport

      Take the Thameslink service to St Pancras International and, much like Heathrow, take the Southeastern service to Stratford International and simply walk to the stadium from there.

The Hammers' humble beginnings

Standing as the first professional team to represent Essex, West Ham actually emerged from the bankruptcy of amateur team Old Castle Swifts in 1895. Forming 3 years prior, the Castle Swifts' founding employer Donald Currie, lost interest in the team and refused to continue paying for the team. With popularity of football growing at the time, interest for the team's purchase continued and it finally fell to philanthropist Arnold Hills, who stepped, up to assume the new role as team owner. Changing the team name to Thames Ironworks FC, it is Hills who is predominantly remembered as founding the team.

Impressively, while Thames Ironworks FC, began their campaign on a strictly amateur basis, the team proved to be so successful that by 1898, the team went completely professional, joining the Southern League Second Division. Winning the Southern League in their first attempt they were once more promoted, however the following year, despite being recognised as a fully fledged competitive team, they finished second from bottom and only through a play-off did the team manage to remain in First Division. At the turn of the century, in a bid to infuse a new era for the team, Thames Ironworks officially changed their name to West Ham United Football Club. Suffice to say, it is because of this that West Ham retains their nickname of "The Irons" and "The Hammers", referencing their workman roots!

For the next 20 years, the team fell under the leadership of former player Syd King, and, despite a number of home ground changes, the team retained their "working class" reputation. Suffice to say climbing the local leagues through the years, West Ham eventually found themselves elected to the Football League's Second division, promoting to the top division in 1923. Fast forward almost 100 years, filled with promotions and relegations, the team continues to defend their place in top tier football, making West Ham one of the most exciting teams to follow! So if you're looking for a team to watch, you really can't go wrong with West Ham tickets, which can now be found at Ticketbis!

West Ham's Rivalries

Being a major London team West Ham has its fair share of rivalries, making a number of their games truly intense battles! So if you want to catch West Ham at their most intense, these are the matches you'll want to attend (or avoid depending on your disposition)!

  • Dockers Derby: West Ham v Millwall FC

    One of the most notorious rivalries known in the football world, Millwall and West Ham's distaste for each other can span all the way back to the teams' formations back in the early 19th century, earlier if you take into account the competing docksides. While their meetings were usually friendly affairs, the teams can actually boast the most played matches between each other, meeting sixty times in sixteen years! Giving creedence to the old phrase "Familiarity breeds contempt", things began to heat up after the world wars. Despite the gulf between both teams beginning widen, with Millwall falling to the lower divisions, the rivalry intensified with hooliganism becoming a problem in the seventies and eighties. In fact some of football's biggest tragedies have occured between these two teams, yet the reasons for such bitter hatred is mired in the past. Suffice to say, this is a match not for the faint hearted, as even the police label their clashes as a Category C event (carrying a high risk of disorder amongst supporters).

  • London Premier League Derbies

    While Arsenal and Chelsea are certainly high on West Ham's list, it is Tottenham that hold West Ham's attention the most. Described as a one-sided affair, West Ham's animosity towards Tottenham originates from the numerous players that seemingly defected from West Ham to Tottenham, and even goes as far as manager Harry Redknapp, who switched from being West Ham's manager to become Tottenham's. Of course, while Tottenham tends to play down the rivalry, there's always the sentiment that Tottenham fans may actually be more concerned than they let on.

  • East London Derby

    The East London derby actually takes place between three different teams: Leyton Orient, Dagenham & Redbridge and, of course, West Ham. AS you can imagine, there aren't many times that West Ham clash against either Dagenham or Leyton Orient, however every West Ham fan knows that their East London neighbours house certain levels of resentment to the Hammers.

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