For those un-introduced to the multi-faceted world of WWE, the experience may be bewildering at first! An example of monumental staging can be exemplified by the storyline concocted when WWF (World Wrestling Federation) bought out rival wrestling company WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in nineteen ninety-nine, a storyline known simply as the “The Invasion”! Throughout Pro-wrestling’s history, the two companies had for a long time stood as rivals, constantly vying for TV ratings. The apex of this rivalry came for the prime-time slot on Monday nights throughout much of America, WWF’s Monday Night Raw! series found itself directly pitted against WCW’s Monday Nitro, beginning in ninety-five the “war” proceeded for the next five years! Despite the equal level of popularity, WWF’s buyout of WCW came when WCW’s parent company Time Warner was bought out by AOL, with Vince McMahon happy to merge the two Wrestling companies into the world’s largest wrestling promotion in the world, and the sole mainstream platform for Wrestling in the whole of the US. What followed was a brand extension, with numerous new shows (championships) appearing to cater to the large number of acquired wrestlers.

However the kayfabe story goes that during WWF’s Monday Night Raw show, McMahon appeared on stage announcing his procurement of WCW, after exciting the crowd with potential matchups and the inclusion of WCW wrestlers such as Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, Goldberg and Hulk Hogan, however McMahon promptly fired each one, announcing his contractual signing would take place on WWF’s Wrestlemania (their biggest show of the year). However this is only half of the beginning. That very same night, McMahon’s son, Shane McMahon appeared on WCW’s Nitro and announced he had already signed the contract and purchased WCW under his father’s nose, what followed was a lucrative opportunity to infuse the shows with numerous rivalries between the two “separate” groups, creating a level of renown and excitement through many wrestling fans! While the details can be more thoroughly researched on Wikipedia, one thing was apparent. Due to the sheer number of new championships and groups, WWF changed its name to WWE!

With such an extravagant example of kayfabe in use, whether you’re a fan of wrestling or not, the drama alone is a reason to see this epic sport play out live! So buy your WWE Live ticket to be a part of the action, now here at Ticketbis!


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